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Know About Why We Are Best In Waterproofing !

Who do you turn to when disaster strikes? Who can help provide a sense of stability during hard times? Who is always on-call and ready to tackle your problems no matter how big? Watson Waterproofing!

With over 25 years of operation under our belt, we, a multi-generational family-owned business, can handle any problem you face because we’ve faced it ourselves already.

Our goal is to return you to a normal way of life after Water, Fire, or Mold damage has attempted to overturn your life. Our workers are top-notch, professional and courteous and will do anything to get the job done and your life back to normal.

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Our Vision...

At Watson Waterproofing our vision is to make basements and crawlspaces pleasant and normally functioning extensions of the home. We believe that you should be able to enjoy your home fully and be able to keep the outside world just that…OUTSIDE!

Our Mission...

Our #1 goal by providing waterproofing services and repair and remediation is the health and safety of our clients.

If we can provide that then we can rest easy knowing we have done our best!

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