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Excellent company, had them waterproof our basement and it has been dry ever since. The job was done on time, professionally, and looked high quality.
Jon Huston
My mother had her floors fixed by this company and they were so professional. They had everything done very fast and for good prices! Highly recommend their service!
Destony Sizemore
Highly recommend Watson Waterproofing great crew and very professional! Did an great job, if you need anything I'd give them a call.
Nicholas Pezzi
Tommy and his crew do amazing work. I found some small sinkholes on the perimeter of my property. They investigated and found some trees we had were doing some damage to our drain tile. The tile was repaired and 8 trees removed all in one day. They also restored the area by planting grass seed. Looks great! All for a reasonable price. Thank you Watson Waterproofing for solving our problem!
Sharon Miller Ball
Had water in our crawl space for years and they repaired to allow for sump pump water clearance. Had a problem with the sump pump a year later and they stood good for the repair with a visit and no charge. Very honest business. Highly recommend.
Clay Thomas
Tommie and the boys did a great job at a great price for me. I got an estimate and the next week the job was done. Had a little mess in the yard due to all the rain but the boys cleaned it up and reseeded the grass can’t tell if anything ever happened. These guys will treat you right and all of them treated my property with respect and as if it were their own. Thanks, guys for a great job!!!!
Chris Towe
Awesome workers and very loyal as well as trustworthy. Would recommend them anytime
Michelle Ogden-Rose
My husband works on and off with this job it is a great experience for him they enjoy helping others and I highly recommend you let them work on your basements or crawl spaces
Randal N Emilie Gilliam
These guys stand behind their work. They are reliable and honest. I would recommend them to anyone.
Cindy Walker Christensen
These guys are top tier professionals and they stand behind there work. Courteous And Profession Service!
Jonathan Tipton
Honest, good people that run a great business!
Adam Hill
As a single woman that purchased a home with what showed up with water issues in the basement and underground garage. Watson's has worked miracles in not just the basement/garage but my gutter system. Any questions I've had answered to help me understand? They came out here after the job was done to insure I was satisfied and gave me advice. Thank you so much. Do I recommend Watson's? Absolutely.
Elizabeth Kersey Taylor

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